Pastoral Care

The happiness and welfare of the students is paramount to everyone at Badminton. The key to our pastoral care is the size of the School and the emphasis we place on knowing each other well.

Nurturing a Secure Learning Environment

We understand that children learn best when they feel safe and supported. That's why we prioritize creating a secure and comfortable environment where every student knows they have adults they can trust. We take a proactive approach to addressing any concerns, ensuring they are handled promptly and with care. 

Personalized Support Throughout Their Journey 

Early Years (Years 1 & 2): Our Acorns classes provide a nurturing foundation. Class teachers offer personalized care and are the primary point of contact for both students and parents. 

Years 4-6: As students progress, they receive specialized instruction while maintaining a strong sense of community. Our vertical Form system connects students across year groups, fostering friendships and support networks. Each student has a dedicated Form Tutor who serves as a consistent point of contact for both the student and their family.

Key Benefits:

 tree_iconConsistent guidance and support throughout their school journey

 tree_iconStrong relationships with teachers and peers across different ages

 tree_iconA sense of belonging within a close-knit community

Fostering Friendship and Emotional Growth

At our school, we believe in creating a supportive environment where students develop the maturity, flexibility, and confidence to build strong, lasting friendships. 

Our unique approach includes: 

 tree_iconCommunity Building: Structures within our school day, along with a supportive ethos, guide students in developing social skills essential for positive relationships.

 tree_iconCircle Time: This dedicated space allows students and staff to connect on an equal level. It encourages open communication, active listening, and understanding diverse perspectives.

 tree_iconSafe and Supportive: Within this safe setting, students feel comfortable sharing their feelings, addressing concerns, and celebrating each other's successes.

The Result 

Our students become empathetic, supportive friends who possess the social and emotional tools to navigate relationships with confidence. 

The Power of Community: Our House System & Beyond 

We believe in building a vibrant school experience where students connect, compete, and contribute. 

House Spirit

Our House system fosters a sense of team spirit and belonging. Students expand their friendships, support each other in friendly competitions, and celebrate victories throughout the year, culminating in events like Sports Day and the School Eisteddfod. 

Making a Difference

Our students learn the importance of social responsibility and giving back to their community. We support charities like the local children's hospice and encourage student-led initiatives for causes they care about. Charity events, themed days, and student-organized fundraisers create a strong sense of purpose and empowerment. 


Our approach helps students develop:

 tree_iconStrong bonds and lasting friendships across different year groups

 tree_iconLeadership skills and teamwork experience

 tree_iconA compassionate and active role in their community

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