Welcome To The Senior School 

Building upon the academic excellence and traditions of Badminton School in the UK, our Senior School will open in August 2025. Students will experience the globally respected IGCSE curriculum, known for its depth and academic challenge, preparing them for success at leading universities worldwide.

A Tradition of Excellence

Our Senior School inherits a rich legacy from Badminton School in the UK. We uphold the same unwavering commitment to holistic development, with a focus on empowering students to discover their unique potential. A broad range of subjects within the IGCSE framework, coupled with enriching extracurricular experiences, will ensure that every student finds their path to thrive.

Years 7 & 8: Building a Strong Foundation

In Years 7 and 8, our focus will be on preparing students for the rigors of the IGCSE curriculum. Students will develop strong foundational knowledge across various subjects, laying the groundwork for their future academic success.

Year 9: Transition to the IGCSE

Year 9 marks an important milestone as students begin their formal IGCSE studies. They will delve into the challenging and rewarding world of in-depth learning as they embark on this prestigious academic path. Students at Badminton School Korea's Senior School will embark on a challenging, in-depth course of study. They'll cultivate critical thinking, subject mastery, and the intellectual resilience essential for success in higher education and beyond.

Stay Connected: The Road Ahead

As we eagerly anticipate the further expansion of our Senior School, we invite you to stay updated on our progress. Be a part of shaping this extraordinary educational experience!

Natalia, Year 9

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