Si-heung Campus

Optimized Educational Environment

tree_iconBuilding and Spatial Efficiency

Si-heung Campus offers a distinctive space where all 5 floors are seamlessly integrated, allowing a panoramic view from the school lobby. This design maximizes internal visibility and spatial utilization.

tree_iconDiverse Activities and Specialized Sports

A variety of activities are provided for students, including specialized sports programs such as fencing, ballet, yoga, basketball, and volleyball. These offerings foster not only academic growth but also creativity and skill development.

tree_iconIndoor Sports Facilities

Optimized indoor gymnasiums are available for students to engage in various sports and activities, promoting physical health, teamwork, and leadership skills.

tree_iconLearning and Reading Environment

Spaces conducive to optimal learning and reading experiences are carefully curated. The two-level library provides essential resources and facilities for students' knowledge acquisition and research needs.

tree_iconMulti-purpose Outdoor Activity Spaces

The rooftop features a futsal court, allowing students to safely enjoy a range of outdoor activities. This fosters physical activity while enhancing strategic thinking and skill development.

Si-heung Campus is designed to meet 
the diverse needs and learning environments of students, 
providing an optimized educational facility to support their growth and development. 

Travel Times to BSK Siheung Campus by car:

From Songdo: 30 minutes 
From Cheongna: 34 minutes 
From Ansan: 34 minutes 
From Gwacheon: 30 minutes 
From Gwangmyeong: 20 minutes