Strategic Plan of Badminton Korea

Our school delivers an ambitious educational program, fueled by the initial guidance of our esteemed partner, Badminton UK. This foundational inspiration has ignited a vibrant bond between our institutions. 
Yet, as we've matured, we've confidently forged a distinctive identity. Our educational aims, while respecting the pioneering spirit of Badminton UK, reflect a meticulously crafted vision. This vision defines a world-class, holistic, and international education tailored specifically to the Korean context.

Character Development and Leadership

tree_iconBeyond the Court: Our Badminton program emphasizes sportsmanship, respect, and perseverance, helping students become principled leaders both in and out of competition. 

tree_iconStudent Empowerment: We offer opportunities for students to take charge through coaching, team leadership, and community initiatives, building confidence and self-direction. 

Global Outlook

tree_iconA World-Ready Campus: Connect with students from across the globe, expanding your perspective and building friendships that span borders.

tree_iconMultilingual Excellence: Master the languages of sport and business - enhance your skills in Korean, English, and other key languages.

tree_iconCultural Immersion: Discover diverse cultures and viewpoints, preparing you for success in a globalized world.

Holistic Academic Program

tree_iconRigorous and Balanced: Excel in a demanding academic program designed to complement your Badminton training, preparing you for top universities.  

tree_iconIndividualized Support: Receive personalized academic guidance and tutoring to ensure you reach your full potential while balancing your sporting commitments. 

Talent Identification and Development

tree_iconDiscover Your Potential: Join a school that believes in nurturing talent at all levels, offering supportive pathways for both aspiring and elite athletes.

tree_iconGrowth Mindset Development: Benefit from a coaching philosophy focused on continuous improvement, emphasizing skill development, and tactical awareness.

International Exposure

tree_iconExchange and Opportunity: Learn and grow through exchange programs with Badminton UK. 

Community Engagement

tree_iconShare the Passion: Give back to the community by teaching and inspiring others through clinics and local Badminton initiatives.

tree_iconBadminton for All: Be part of a school that spreads the love for Badminton, offering court access and programs that foster wider sporting enthusiasm.