Term Dates

2024 - 2025 ACADEMIC YEAR

Autumn Term 2024 (August 12th ~ December 13th)
August 12th
Term Begins
September 14th~22th
Chuseok Break
October 3rd
National Foundation Day
October 9th
Hangeul Proclamation Day
December 13th
Last Day of Term 1
December 16th~January 3rd
Winter Holiday
Spring Term 2025 (January 6th ~ March 21th)
January 6th
Term Begins
January 25th~February 2nd
Seollal Break
March 3rd
Independence Movement Day / Additional Public Holiday
March 28th
Last Day of Term 2
March 29th~April 6th
Spring Break
Summer Term 2025 (April 7th ~ June 23rd)
April 7th
Term Begins
May 5th
Children’s Day / Buddha’s Birthday
May 6th
Additional Public Holiday
June 6th
Memorial Day
June 20th
Last Day of School Year
June 23rd
Summer Holiday Begins