Our Vision And Values

We take pride in our Vision and Values, ensuring they underpin every aspect of the Badminton experience. Our focus is on providing a bespoke education for each student, emphasizing holistic learning within a nurturing, supportive environment.

It could well be said that Badminton’s current and former pupils say more about us than any statement ever can.

tree_iconAn award-winning actress (Rosamund Pike)

tree_iconThe first female Prime Minister of India (Indira Gandhi)

tree_iconA painter who was also the first female tutor at the Royal College of Art (Mary Fedden)

tree_iconA philosopher who also won the Booker Prize (Iris Murdoch)

They are all Badmintonians, and if they sound like an unusual mix, then we’re delighted.

Our Vision

Badminton Korea prepares students to thrive in a dynamic global society, fostering adaptability and resilience.

Our Values

tree_iconRespect and Integrity: We foster a culture built on mutual respect, tolerance, and unwavering integrity.

tree_iconCuriosity and Engagement: We encourage students to push boundaries, embrace curiosity, and actively participate in all aspects of school life.

tree_iconInclusive Community: We prioritize inclusivity grounded in accountability and support, creating a vibrant community where everyone belongs.

tree_iconJoyful Learning: Fun is at the heart of our approach, making learning a joyful and fulfilling experience

Our Aims

To deliver a holistic educational experience that fosters intellectual curiosity, encourages a love of learning, and balances academic achievement with individual growth in the arts, athletics, and beyond.

At Badminton, academic excellence goes hand-in-hand with challenging and enjoyable teaching methods. Our passionate staff knows each student individually, fostering both academic and social success. We emphasize independent learning skills and personalized programs, while sports and creative pursuits broaden our students' outlooks and abilities.

To create a nurturing community where every student feels valued, supported, and empowered to contribute. We foster respect, tolerance, and a sense of responsibility for oneself and others through exceptional pastoral care and meaningful opportunities for participation.

Our tight-knit community and outstanding pastoral care ensure no student goes unnoticed. Small form groups, age-based boarding, and a vibrant House system cultivate enduring friendships across year levels. We foster a collaborative environment where respectful connections between students and staff empower everyone to find support and solutions together.

To empower students as global citizens, fostering empathy, responsibility, and an understanding of societal issues at all levels – local, national, and international.

Badminton embraces community engagement and global connections. Through service initiatives, educational outreach, international exchanges, and diverse boarding experiences, students develop a deep sense of responsibility and cultural awareness. These experiences cultivate empathy and equip students to make a positive impact within their communities and the world.

To empower Badmintonians to become inquisitive, confident, and respectful leaders, ready to thrive in a competitive and interconnected world.

Badminton cultivates individuals with a lifelong love of learning, unwavering self-assurance, and a deep respect for others. Our graduates are uniquely prepared to excel in a global society, making meaningful contributions in their chosen fields. Their connection to Badminton remains strong, fostering a vibrant alumni community dedicated to supporting the school and its values.

To honor Badminton's rich legacy while embracing a forward-thinking vision, ensuring responsible stewardship of our history, campus, and global reputation.

We blend cherished traditions with a commitment to innovation. Our historic campus, exceptional boarding facilities, and commitment to academic excellence underscore our dedication to preserving the Badminton legacy. We ensure students have access to cutting-edge opportunities, preparing them to shape the future while honoring the values that have made Badminton a beacon of excellence.

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